Pearl Harbor Lights & Activities...WOW!

On Friday the 15th of December we went to Pearl Harbor along with our new friends The Hays (Darrick, Jenn, Micah and Jacob). There was a huge event to celebrate Christmas. All of the ships were decorated for the holidays and it was really neat! They had tons of games, crafts, and play areas for the kids. We played, did a few crafts, played some more...but most of the time was spent chasing or more less following Brayden as he explored and watched all the other kids! To end the night we took a boat ride around the harbor and saw all the ships and submarines UP CLOSE with all the lights...it was really beautiful! This was the first time Brayden rode in a boat and got to see the ocean (or "ahshoe" as Brayden calls it :) in a whole new light. We really had a great time!


Peggy and Tim said...

Ya'll are so beautiful and make me so proud!!! Love and miss you so very much!!!
aka Nana
aka Peggy

Kristin said...

hey guys i got your page from someone and i thought i would write and say hello. I hope yall are having a wonderful time, it looks great, and what a great lookin' family!!! I just wanted to say hello

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