I had my hair up in a pony-tail...and after giving Brayden airplane rides on my feet it got really loose. I was leaning over him to tickle him...and he kept saying "Hat, Hat, Momma Hat!" He thought it was so funny that I had that hat...and he wanted to wear it, until he realized that it was only Mommy's hair!

My Sailors...

Our adventure aboard the USS Port Royal...

The ship has been somewhat under construction, so until now we haven't been able to go on. FINALLY...YIPPEE! Brayden thought it was the coolest thing, and could not walk past one thing without touching it. Brayden and I were both amazed! We also got to see where Daddy sleeps on duty nights and when they are underway...it was sad, because it was so small (I mean tiny!). Jeremy says it not so bad. But after seeing it Brayden and I went and got him an egg crate for his mattress thats about 2 inches thick, and an extra blanket! Overall it was really neat to get to see where Jeremy spends his day. Not your typical 9-5.

Happy New Year!

Cool Dads--Darrick, Will & Jeremy
The Hays--Darrick, Jenn, Micah & Jacob

Happy New Year! 2007...Where did the year go? I guess like always they fly by. We hope to have a great year...even though we will be going through a lot of new and hard things. Number one being Jeremy's deployment. We are not looking forward to it but are encouraged that it will make us stronger in the end! He is probably going to be gone at least 8 months-extending into 2008. While he is deployed Brayden and I will come home for a good while, and I can definately say that we are looking forward to some southern accents! (we are told that we talk really southern...quite often!)
We celebrated New Years Eve with all our neighborhood friends. Everyone had lots of fireworks and we had a pretty good show and nearly got through all of them when the housing security man drove up and told us that we weren't allowed to have them! Bummer. Oh well, Brayden was pretty scared of them anyway!

To Everyone...

Lots of Luck and Love in the New Year,

And May God Bless You All!

Merry Christmas To All!

We woke up Christmas morning to a video camera courtesy of Jeremy...who could not wait to see Braydens reaction to what Santa and others had brought! (we decided that we would go ahead and take all his presents out of the orginal wrapping the night before because we learned from his birthday party that he doesn't like to wait to play [and it use to it only required undoing twisty-ties...but these days you have to break out the screw driver because they are screwed to the bottom of the box] this can be quite a task! We were able to capture his look and it was definately PRICELESS! He did not know where to go or what to go to first! He got tons and tons of new toys, clothes, and other goodies. Jeremy got a new bicycle (to ride to work) and I got a new sewing machine (one of the best surprises ever)! We played for awhile and then got to cookin'. We then went to our friends (The Hays) and had a absolutley wonderful Christmas dinner!
After being so worried about what our first Christmas away from home would be like ... it actually turned out to be pretty great!


'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

We had such a great Christmas this year and wish everyone was here to enjoy it with us! Christmas Eve was spent preparing for the arrival of 'SANTA'! We all baked cookies for him and Brayden did some awesome decorating! Then Brayden enjoyed the reading of 'The Night Before Christmas' and snuggled up tight and fell asleep...unaware of what the night would bring!


The Original Pearl Harbor - Ford Island

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These are pictures that we took at Ford Island. Such amazing sights to see...it really puts things into perspective. It makes the movie come to life! Everything seems to be just the way that it was, untouched. Ford Island is the sight of a new project by the government worth millions for restoring all of this history! Driving down those roads is sort of like driving back in time!
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