Happy New Year!

Cool Dads--Darrick, Will & Jeremy
The Hays--Darrick, Jenn, Micah & Jacob

Happy New Year! 2007...Where did the year go? I guess like always they fly by. We hope to have a great year...even though we will be going through a lot of new and hard things. Number one being Jeremy's deployment. We are not looking forward to it but are encouraged that it will make us stronger in the end! He is probably going to be gone at least 8 months-extending into 2008. While he is deployed Brayden and I will come home for a good while, and I can definately say that we are looking forward to some southern accents! (we are told that we talk really southern...quite often!)
We celebrated New Years Eve with all our neighborhood friends. Everyone had lots of fireworks and we had a pretty good show and nearly got through all of them when the housing security man drove up and told us that we weren't allowed to have them! Bummer. Oh well, Brayden was pretty scared of them anyway!

To Everyone...

Lots of Luck and Love in the New Year,

And May God Bless You All!

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