Old Friends...

My old friend from high school was here visiting her husband who is also in the Navy. We got together while she was here and had a lot of fun! It's funny how after all this time we could still just sort of pick up where we left off! We went shopping and went to Waikiki for dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe. After we dropped her off at her hotel Brayden kept saying "more tarri...more tarri" (although her name is Karri) - it was cute!

Seems like forever...

Well, Jeremy has been gone for the past two weeks out to sea. The ship pulled in today around 5pm and Brayden and I went to the base (Hickam and Pearl) to watch the ship at both locations. We have missed Jeremy so much and to add to it all...he has duty tonight, so we only got to see him for a few minutes. Of course I was crying because I hate to see him go and Brayden was crying because he just doesn't really understand it all yet. Why is Daddy here then not??? It really is amazing how much easier life is and how much more at peace I am when he is here. My thoughts and prayer go out to every service member, their wives and children. This truly is a sacrifice. I can not even think about the time coming when the ship is gone for 6 months. I am absolutley dreading it, I really didn't think it would be this hard...but I should of known better. It gives me comfort to know that God is taking care of our family and that He has a plan for us. During these times we need Him more than ever.
We have been trying to keep busy as much as possible by going to the beach, shopping, and hanging out outdoors-where Brayden is the happiest. It also helps to have great friends and neighbors who are going through the same thing. I believe that circumstances in our life are an outcome of our choices. We choose how we live...good or bad. Our family can choose how these circumstances will affect us. For some, it could weaken or perhaps destroy. But for this family...MY FAMILY...the only outcome that I am willing to accept is that we will grow STRONGER! And I believe in my heart that we will.
I am honored to have the life that I do, and feel lucky.
To Daddy-
Brayden and I are so very proud of all that you are. It takes a strong person to be in your position...and we appreciate, value, and admire everything you do.

-Beach Buddies-


Our Little ARTIST!

Micah's Soccer Game

Well it was muddy and the mud here is RED RED! Needless to say Brayden fell right off the bat and got his bottom soaked in red mud and had no shorts on for the game! He was really upset and wanted to go and get cleaned up...his crocs were totally muddy too! Good thing we had the wipes to clean off his hand and legs! We had lots of fun and Micah did great!

Exploring Hickam Air Force Base...



Recently the new museum was opened on Ford Island...so Brayden and I went today to go and check it out! Brayden thought it was the coolest thing in the world and couldn't stop talking about all the airplanes. They have all the types of aircraft that was used during WWII, and sailors and airmen standing beside them (Brayden kept saying "Daddy...Daddy???")
We had a lot of fun and will probably go back often because Brayden really loved it!

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Hiking for Whales...

Every year hundreds of humpback whales migrate to the warm Hawaiian waters to mate .... from about November to March or April. Well, there is a hike where you can go and see the whales...we thought it would be really neat to see the whales in person. The hike definatley wore us out .... all they way up a mountain (Makapuu). Then when we got to the top we were sort of disappointed because we didn't see any whales. We did see little blowhole action...and other people said they saw lots of whales...but not us! So, we are going to try and go back sometime soon to give it another shot. Although we didn't see any whales, the sights were absolutely breath-taking! The lighthouse was very neat as well. Brayden even got to see horses! How's that for Hawaii??? Pretty good don't you think!!!

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Haliewa, North Shore

These are pictures from the North Shore...it is so beautiful and relaxing! The beach where we are is called 'Turtle Beach'...it is such a sight to see, never short of turtles on the beach or going back into the ocean. It really makes you think about how wondrous the earth is and how lucky we are to be living in such an amazing land.
They have a great sandwich shop there and we go and eat and play at the beach! It makes for a really great day!

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Turtle Beach...North Shore

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