Seems like forever...

Well, Jeremy has been gone for the past two weeks out to sea. The ship pulled in today around 5pm and Brayden and I went to the base (Hickam and Pearl) to watch the ship at both locations. We have missed Jeremy so much and to add to it all...he has duty tonight, so we only got to see him for a few minutes. Of course I was crying because I hate to see him go and Brayden was crying because he just doesn't really understand it all yet. Why is Daddy here then not??? It really is amazing how much easier life is and how much more at peace I am when he is here. My thoughts and prayer go out to every service member, their wives and children. This truly is a sacrifice. I can not even think about the time coming when the ship is gone for 6 months. I am absolutley dreading it, I really didn't think it would be this hard...but I should of known better. It gives me comfort to know that God is taking care of our family and that He has a plan for us. During these times we need Him more than ever.
We have been trying to keep busy as much as possible by going to the beach, shopping, and hanging out outdoors-where Brayden is the happiest. It also helps to have great friends and neighbors who are going through the same thing. I believe that circumstances in our life are an outcome of our choices. We choose how we live...good or bad. Our family can choose how these circumstances will affect us. For some, it could weaken or perhaps destroy. But for this family...MY FAMILY...the only outcome that I am willing to accept is that we will grow STRONGER! And I believe in my heart that we will.
I am honored to have the life that I do, and feel lucky.
To Daddy-
Brayden and I are so very proud of all that you are. It takes a strong person to be in your position...and we appreciate, value, and admire everything you do.

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