Brayden looks like such a grown-up boy! He got his hair cut -- and it looks precious!


Halloween 2007


Happy Halloween ...
This year we went to Harvest Fest at our church. Last year was rainy and this year was even rainier! Luckily we were indoors, they had lots of fun games and activity centers! Brayden was a cranky cowboy on horseback...and looked too cute!

IT'S A ... BABY!

We are so excited and feel so blessed to be having another baby!
Due date is May 19, 2008! Brayden is really excited to have a baby brother or sister!
Jeremy gets back from deployment May 2.
So this was definatly God's timing! THANK YOU!
We didn't tell Jeremy until he got back from San Diego...and Brayden wore the honors! He is going to be a great BIG BROTHER!




We loved being in Arkansas ... it is such a beautiful state! And we had a ton of fun with Nana and PaPa! Brayden loved going to work and made lots of new friends!
We went to the Blanchard Springs Caverns (SO COOL!) ... Brayden was a little scared at first but actually enjoyed it quite a bit!

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Time in TEXAS...

Jeremy was in San Diego for about 2 months so Brayden and and I made an adventure back to the Mainland! We had just a blast and even got a visit with DADDY!
Brayden was so excited to get back on the lawn mower and ride with PaPa...and had tons of fun in the kitchen baking with Mamma!
Brayden got to o fishing and actually caught fish this time...although he was a little grossed out by them! He also went bowling for the first time and loved it.
We were sad to go but ... it won't be long until we're back!
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