Well...as most of you know Jeremy is underway and Brayden and I are in the states. We flew into Ft. Worth, TX and stayed there for about a month and a half. A lot of exciting things have happened during that time...Brayden and I celebrated our birthdays together and he is now 3! We have a new nephew ... Michael Rhett ... he is growing and is such a great baby. We celebrated Christmas with Jeremy's family on Christmas eve and on Christmas Day (also my mom's birthday) we made our way to Arkansas. We had amazing dinners and were blessed to be with family. Jeremy is a day ahead of us with crazy time differences but we got to talk with him and he to has been busy making his way around the world. They left Hawaii on Nov. 11 and so far have been to Guam, Palau, East Timor, Jakarta and Singapore with many more stops ahead. We hope to be back in Hawaii sometime in April, Jeremy should be back May 2 and the baby is due May 19! What a busy month that will be. We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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