One More Week...

Finally... after lots of waiting and waiting, we are heading back to the Island! We have been trying to get on a mac flight ... but nothing has been going out. So, since we are in a time crunch we decided to go ahead and buy tickets to get back home. We are super excited and can't wait to get into our new house! We will be back April 2...one more week!


Only 41 more days until the USS Port Royal and Daddy gets back home!!!


The New Baby....

Today Brayden, my mom and I went for a 4-D Sonogram. It was awesome. But, just like when we had the 4-D of Brayden...they both kept their hands in front of their faces nearly the whole time! Brayden thought we were actually gonna get to see the 'real' baby today, so he was sort of disappointed. He is ready for 'that baby to get out' (as he says)! Not much longer!
Technology...it's so amazing!

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