We have been in our new house for a little over 3 weeks now! We are so excited, but have been so busy trying to get everything ready in time for Daddy! ONLY 12 MORE DAYS!!! Then our house will really feel like home. Everything is all set up ... mainly just the junk that no one really knows what to do with is still laying around. Brayden is enjoying being back and is glad to have all his toys to play with.
Everything is going smoothly with the baby with less than a month to go! With a doctor's appt. this Thursday, we might find out the date of the c-section. So the clock is winding down and we cannot wait to meet our new baby!
Jeremy has been in Palau and is about to be in port in Guam. He has a few friends there so he is hoping to get to spend some time with them. The rest of their time will be spent getting the ship ready for the homecoming...the long awaited day will be here before we know it!

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