Words cannot even begin to describe the excitment of seeing the ship pull in...and then spotting 'our' sailor out of all of then...it was great! It was a really heartwarming experience to see all the families reunite. What an awesome sacrifice made ... Thank you USS Port Royal!
Brayden was totally excited to see Jeremy, and ran right up to him when he was able to get off the ship...I don't think either of them wanted to let go of eachother.
It is the strangest thing - being apart for so long, and then all of the sudden together again. Almost as if we were never apart. It is so good to hear Brayden yelling "Daddy" in our house, it really feels like home now! Brayden is so happy to have another playmate (one that is able to wrestle around and play rough)! We are so proud of you Daddy...and are so happy to have you home!

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Hays Family said...

Great pictures! Welcome Home Jeremy!

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