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It's Tuesday, and this morning Jeremy left for RIMPAC 2008. He will gone for 3 weeks. Pearl Harbor has been packed full of ships who are participating. It has been neat to see all the ships from other countries, and best of all getting to see the aircraft carrier (Kitty Hawk). Literally a city at sea, it is so huge and has about 5,000 sailors!
The kids and I are trying to get back to the mainland for a few weeks...but have not had any luck thus far with the MAC flights. We'll give it til the end of this week...and if no flights are going then we'll just stay here. One of our friends that Jeremy was on recruiting duty with was here on his ship from San Diego, so we enjoyed spending time with him! We took him up to the North Shore and had a great time!
Check out this site to see all the coutries involved
and other info about RIMPAC

Lainey is getting so big and is smiling now! She is changing everyday...still such a great baby! Already 6 weeks old!

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