Ohana Day!

Today after the service our church had Ohana Day! We had yummy food, and enjoyed being with all our friends! Water slides, bounce house, shave ice, petting zoo, live music and dancing - What a great day!

...Lainey swinging - soon fell asleep!
...Brayden and Abby enjoying the water and MUD!
...Brayden and his new kitty (who just had 3 kittens!)
...Brayden and Pop getting ready to mow!

Dinosaur World!

Visiting Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, TX.


Lainey and Cousin Madi!

Lainey was born May 23 and Madi June 19!

On The Farm!

If you know Brayden...then you know how much he loves cowboys, horses, and all that goes with it! So, when we were back in TX - Auntie Kendall and Ty took us to his farm.
Brayden was totally in his element...and was so excited to ride a horse, and see (and feed) all the other animals. [horses, sheep, wild hogs, kittens, dogs, catfish, peacocks]
It was so fun! THANKS TY! You are now #1 in Brayden's Book!
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