The Difference 2 Years Makes...

Brayden and Cianna....
The Anderson's were our very first friends when we moved to Hawaii! It's amazing how much the kids have grown...with 2 new babies as well! This weekend was Cianna's 3rd birthday...and the kids had a great time!




Brayden did AWESOME on his first day! His teachers were really impressed on how well he did - this being his first time in a school setting. He even made friends. One of which he traded his really cool lunch box ice pack (that was shaped like a basketball) for the other kids not so cool one! I told him that it was really nice for him to share...but we need to keep our soccer ball ice pack! Funny.

He is not used to eating his lunch (without having to be reminded to eat about every 30 seconds) so his full lunch box came home full. He took one bite of his sandwich and ate is apple sauce. I guess he will be good and hungry for dinner!

Brayden's 1st Day of School!

Today is Brayden's first day of pre-school! After the babies went to bed last night I stayed up to have a 'cry-fest'...I had to re-convince myself that this is going to be great for Brayden...and that he really is excited about it! We woke up this morning...He was so excited (after he was all dressed and ready) he walked to the door and gave me hugs and kisses and said he was leaving, that he was gonna go ahead and walk to school! Silly Boy!
We went and took him to his classroom and he couldn't wait to get started! Was such a big boy....I didn't think the day would ever come where we could leave him without creating a scene! Growing up, so fast.



Super'BOWL' Sunday!

Say Cheese!
Lainey and Daddy...


Brayden has to do whatever Lainey does!

Brayden waiting for his ball to reach the pins...this can take a few minutes!

Today after church we wanted to go have some fun before Brayden's first day of preschool...His Choice! His first choice was ice skating (but that was a no-go, due to Brayden hurting his toe on the door...but that's another story). Second choice...BOWLING! So that's where we went. He really enjoys it. He throws his ball down the lane...and we cross our fingers that it makes it to the pins. Most of the time it does ... it just takes a while. But he still does really good! (Better than Mommy!)

1st place went to ... Jeremy ~ 2nd ... Brayden ~ 3rd Jennifer...

After bowling we went back home and Lainey went for her nappy, Jeremy settled in on the couch for some football, and Brayden and I went to get him a haircut! The haircut place has a treasure chest with all kinds of goodies and each child gets to pick one. Brayden picked out a ring for me, and was sooo proud ...and wants me to wear it everyday! After that ...Jamba Juice! Then we headed back home.

Brayden is really excited about his first day of school...he feels like such a big boy. And we have been going over all the dos and don'ts of school! He'll be going Monday thru Friday 8-12:30. I think its going to be easier for him than for me. Our baby is growing up. We are so proud of you Brayden!

Our Little Monkeys...



Monday Brayden started swim lessons! He is super excited and can't wait to be able to swim all by himself. In his first session they learned how to blow bubbles in the water and to go under for a few second, how to push of the wall (rocket!) and swim to the teacher. He did great and was so brave!
Lainey is getting so big! She is talking and laughing and loves her big brother! For the past week she has started a new routine...and we are following it everyday. She has really responded to it. Nap and bedtime come and she's ready...and goes without a fuss! We are so proud of her!
And tonight is MOMs night out with my girlfriends and I am going ALONE! WOW...I might not know what to do with myself! We are going to spend time together just the girls and enjoy some Jamba Juice! How fun!
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