Super'BOWL' Sunday!

Say Cheese!
Lainey and Daddy...


Brayden has to do whatever Lainey does!

Brayden waiting for his ball to reach the pins...this can take a few minutes!

Today after church we wanted to go have some fun before Brayden's first day of preschool...His Choice! His first choice was ice skating (but that was a no-go, due to Brayden hurting his toe on the door...but that's another story). Second choice...BOWLING! So that's where we went. He really enjoys it. He throws his ball down the lane...and we cross our fingers that it makes it to the pins. Most of the time it does ... it just takes a while. But he still does really good! (Better than Mommy!)

1st place went to ... Jeremy ~ 2nd ... Brayden ~ 3rd Jennifer...

After bowling we went back home and Lainey went for her nappy, Jeremy settled in on the couch for some football, and Brayden and I went to get him a haircut! The haircut place has a treasure chest with all kinds of goodies and each child gets to pick one. Brayden picked out a ring for me, and was sooo proud ...and wants me to wear it everyday! After that ...Jamba Juice! Then we headed back home.

Brayden is really excited about his first day of school...he feels like such a big boy. And we have been going over all the dos and don'ts of school! He'll be going Monday thru Friday 8-12:30. I think its going to be easier for him than for me. Our baby is growing up. We are so proud of you Brayden!

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