Wow...We can't believe our little boy is already 4 years old! Brayden you are getting so big and so smart! We love you more and more everyday! You are such a blessing! Happy Birthday!

Brayden had a great birthday this year. He got a new DOG, a new bike, bonds, and of course a truck and trailer for our little cowboy!
We have spent the past several day at the Humane Society looking for the perfect dog for Brayden's birthday, and we found him! He is the sweetest dog, loves the kids and loves to cuddle! His name is ACE! Brayden is torn between playing with the dog and riding his new bike! He is so excited that he finally learned how to pedal~!
I baked cupcakes for his class at school and he felt like a star!
We went out for dinner and had a delicious ice cream cake for dessert!

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Hays Family said...

Wow, a dog! What kind of dog is it? Looks like he had a great birthday! Hope you did too!

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