My New Art Piece and THE LIZARD!

Today Brayden and I drove up to North Shore to pick up my new artwork! It is an original piece called 'Laniakea' North Shore Turtle Beach by Kelly Krusnoski from the Haleiwa Art Gallery. The artist even wrote us a note on the back! I love, love, love it and am so happy to have it to always remember one of our favorite places on Oahu! We also got shave ice...YUM! Well as we were walking back to the car I noticed something right under the back tire. It was this lizard (or whatever you call it) I have never seen anything like this (except a toy). Brayden was scared of it and I think I was too?! We watched it for a while and even saved it from getting run over by another car. Nature...another reason I love Hawaii!


Brayden had his first sleepover at home with his friend Jacob. They have grown up together the past 2 years and have really become good buddies! They were great and had so much fun together!


Jeremy met Chris and Sharde (who are dual military) when he was stationed in Italy. They are now stationed on Guam and have Khaliq who is 4 days older than Lainey! They had taken a MAC flight from Guam and were waiting on there connecting flight to the mainland and came by for a visit. We haven't seem them since they visited us in TX and it was really nice to meet their little guy and catch up!
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