Happy Birthday To Our Sweet Little Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet little Lainey girl! What a precious gift you are! It has been an amazing year watching you grow and I am so thankful the Lord gave us YOU! You are such a joy, you are so smart and so interested in everything around you! You are always smiling and happy! I worried so much and wondered how I could ever love another child as much as the first...But holding you in my arms it all makes perfect sense - a mothers love never runs out, it only grows and multiplies! And how comforting it is to know that God loves you even more than I. You love your big brother and boy does he love you! He is ever protective and wants you all to himself! He wants everyone to know that you are HIS sister! God has given Brayden so much love for you and I know that love will only grow as you both get older! Mommy and Daddy love you so very much! Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Our little Lainey Bug~!

Lainey's Cupcake~Cake Made by Mommy =)

The Cupcake~Cakes! I have to admit ... I am
really proud of these =)!

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Finally...I wanted to touch this all day!

Oh my ... It feels really weird?!

Ummmm??? What to do now...

It tastes really good! Thanks Bubba!

Maybe this will work?! =)

Dive in Lainey!

Nope. I'll have no part of this! I want out now!
Poor Lainey! =(

The after.

Our handsome boy.

Trey havin' some fun in the playroom~

Abby made her a cake too! =)

Lainey and Max sharing a hug!

Auntie Pat and baby Zek!

Our little cupcake!

Opening presents...
Pin the Candle on the CUPCAKE!

Jacob's turn!

Mommy and Lainey

Jeremy taking a break from the grill...to catch
a few minutes of the basketball game =)
Time for the Cupcake Pinata!
Abby...(I love Jeremy's expression as he
encourages Abby to hit it harder!

Trey taking a swing at it!

Way to go Ki! ...I love Geni's face in the background!
Covering her ears...She is so sweet!

As you can tell...It's not easy getting this many
kids to sit down for a group picture! =)

Our wonderful little friends and their silly faces!
Micah, Naomi, Ki, Brayden, Lainey, Jacob, Abby,
Geni, Max, Zek, Trey, Jordan, Abby, Ashley, William
and Charlotte! =)

Trisha, Kelly, Pat, Jenn, Beth, Jen, Holly, and
Cadi (hiding behind William) =)
Bible study gals...Kelly, Pat, Jenn, Beth, Jen!
Lainey had a great cupcake party! We feel so
blessed to have so many friends here in Hawaii
who love our little ones! I am so happy that my
dear friend Holly and her little boy Trey were able
to come from TX to celebrate with us! Lainey was
not too sure at first about her cupcake! She was
wanting it all morning long...at first she was
interested but it didn't take long for her to figure
out how messy it was going to be...and soon after---
she was DONE! We even tried later that night
after at nap......same reaction!
It was a total cupcake day...Cakes, Pin-the-Candle-
on-the-Cupcake, and the Cupcake Pinata! It was
a great day! A very special thank to all our family
and friends for your precious gifts!
Happy Birthday Lainey!


North Shore...Turtle Beach...Shave Ice...

This was the neatest thing! From the beach you
could see the turtles swimming...just riding the
waves! Coming or going - who knows? There were
at least a dozen, probably more. I feel so blessed
to live in Hawaii and praise God for all the wonders
of the ocean! This was so awesome!

I have to agree with this sign. There are other
places to go for shave ice (you know the ones
with the super long lines) my opinion...this
place is the best!

Dole Plantation

Holly and Trey

Brayden and Trey enjoying their YUMMY
Pineapple Dole Whip!

Lainey snackin' on some fresh pineapple!

Auntie Holly and Lainey

Showing off their new bracelets with their
Hawaiian names!

Riding on the Pineapple Express Train!
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