This is Laineys--'I just ate a LIME' face! =)

Brayden fell asleep in the restaurant...which
if you know him - you know that this was totally
out of character! That little boy was TIRED!

Swimming with the SHARKS!

This was sooooo awesome! We got into the cage
2 at a time and the sharks were right there
waiting! The captain said once the sharks hear
the motor...they know free food is on the way--
and they are ready and waiting! They were
Galapagos sharks and ranged from 10-14 feet!
Brayden did not get to go in the water because
it was too rough that day, but you could see the
entire shark from the boat so he thought that
was really cool! We took underwater cameras
and got some great pics...it was a lot of fun!

Turtle Beach

Brayden, Lainey and Jen


Climbing rocks...

Being his silly self! =)


Aaron and Kendall
Lainey after the water got her legs by suprise!

Shave Ice...


Auntie Kendall and Lainey

Brayden....with his yummy enchilada!

Kendall and Aaron

The mother hen and her little chicks...right outside!

Welcome to Hawaii Auntie Kendall & Aaron!

Patiently waiting for the plane to arrive!

Brayden and Lainey

Brayden and Auntie Kendall

Auntie Kendall and Aaron


Hiking Makapu'u

A view from the top.

Andrew, Abby, Trisha, Lainey, Brayden,
Jennifer and Ashley

Lainey ... enjoyed a bike ride on the way down!

Makapu'u Lighthouse

Trisha and Jennifer

Lainey taking in a stunning view!

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