And we're off...

After a lot of confusion...we were finally able to hop on the plane and head for Texas! As much as I was looking for to it, it was the flight that kept haunting. 8 hours is a long time. Brayden did awesome, he as always been a good traveler. Lainey on the other hand...well, that's a different story. She wasn't feelin' it--at all. Nevertheless, we made it safe and sound! MamMa and Papa picked us up and we headed back to there house! That night the kids were totally exhausted (as were we) they both fell asleep in unusual ways. Lainey drifted off in the her high chair, which is something she has never done - it was the sweetest thing...Brayden fell to sleep in MamMa's arms! We ended up sleeping until noon (or a little after) our first couple of days there, the 5 hour time change took some adjusting. Everyone is excited and we are so glad to be back for a visit!

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