I can hardly believe it.
It has come too fast.
Our little angel is already
18 months old!

{lainey}. {sweet lainey}
adorable. precious.
you love your brother.
and taking rides with him.
you love being outside.
you love animals.
cats, dogs, birdies.
you love oatmeal.
and fruit.
and veggies too for that matter.
you drink water.
you nap once a day.
and sleep all night.
you have stolen my heart.
you love airplanes.
and pointing at them.
and waving bye-bye.
you have just discovered the moon.
you have the sweetest smile.
and you love the pantry.
your hair is growing fast.
you love taking baths.
the water must be running {slightly}.
you like seeing bananas at the commisary.
it makes you happy.
and that makes me happy.
your feet are teeny.
filling out a size 3 shoe.
you love your pink crocs.
you want to be held.
by mommy only.
that makes my heart smile.

you love your baby doll. you like to give her pacis.
you love ace. and you like to sit on him.
no one can make you laugh like your
it is the sweetest thing.
you watch him in complete awe.
you like to jump in you crib.
you have the prettiest blue eyes.
you like to skip and run.
you like when daddy takes you to the park.
you squeal with delight when daddy gets home.
and greet him with a very high-pitched
you are such a little girl.
but you are so brave.
and fearless,
is that good or bad?
you like sidewalk chalk.
you can be whiney.
but that's just one more thing we love.
you are a blessing.
you are special.
you are eighteen months old.
and we love you so much.
our little lainey bug.


KellyR said...

I love it. love love love love it...you have a gift. (in so many ways and shapes)

Hays Family said...

Beautiful...it brings tears to my eyes and makes me miss you guys more then I already do. I remember talking with you about you having a second child and now you have this beautiful, precious daughter who is such a blessing. She is growing way to fast, I wish we lived closer because we are missing it. We love you guys! xoxo

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