o hawaiian christmas tree

This year we went Hawiaan! I wanted one of these trees last year but forgot, and I thought it was my last chance...little did I know we would be here for 2 more years~!
It's a Norfolk Pine...and I am totally lovin' it! It is cute and sweet and makes me smile everytime I look at it! Brayden loves it too and was totally offended when one of his buddies called it silly looking, it was really cute! We drove up to the North Shore to Helemano Farms, there we got to walk all around the trees and pick out the perfect one, then a worker cut it down! Some perks of this tree is 1)that the needles will not fall, 2)it will stay green for longer than a month, 3)they aren't shipped in-so no foreign species are brought in that could harm Hawaii's environment, and 4)it channels Charlie Brown's Christmas tree which is kinda fun! What do you think? =)


KellyR said...

Yayyyyy! I love those trees. We are heading up soon. I bet your house is so Christmasy.

Hays Family said...

I LOVE it! It looks so awesome!

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