Soccer time is here!  Brayden is really enjoying it!  This is his first time playing a team sport and he loves it so much.  Every day he asks ... "Do I have a game today?" (answer-no) "Well, do I have practice today?".  He looks forward to it and really loves the game!  Jeremy is the coach and he is doing a great job!  At this level they only play each other, so it gives the kids a really great chance to learn the basics of the game!  Brayden takes it very seriously, he works really hard and always wants to improve.  At his 1st game he scored 4 goals, 2nd game-8 goals, and 3rd game-4 goals!  After each game we take the kids for a ice cream treat, which they love!  Brayden is so proud of himself and has been praying about what sport God would have him choose to play next!  He is such a sweet boy...We love you Bubba!

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Hays Family said...

That is so awesome! I can see him being really good at sports! And way to go Jeremy for coaching!

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