a valentines day project for your little ones...

i came across these on kaboose.com -- which by the way is a great website.
  we are using this neat idea as gifts this year. 
so sweet and unique.  so personal and thoughtful.  
give it a go with your little ones.

here are your supplies.
paint, paintbrush, and paper.
and a pair of sweet heart shaped hands.

paint the pinky edges...
to create heart-shaped ~ hand print stamps.

grab your the next hands in line.

but, be careful...
this has the potential to get 
out of control really fast---
as you can tell

she was oh, so proud
of her body paint masterpiece.

and we were all proud of these.
aren't they cute?


Kari said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing. Great idea! :)

Hays Family said...

Very cute and you know how much I love hearts!!!

Karen B said...

These are totally adorable! And then in a frame too. I love the idea! Cute pictures too!

Hen Jen said...

what a great project! The final product is lovely!

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