end of season.

Soccer has finished, and we are going to miss it.  We had an amazing season, this was Brayden's first time playing a team sport and it was fantastic!  He learned so much and made some great friends.  This was Jeremy's first experience coaching and we are so proud of the job he did.  Every single parent on the team complimented him and was so thankful for their child's experience.  We had our last game then headed across the street to celebrate the season ending with pizza, cupcakes and TROPHIES!  You would not believe how much these children cherish those.  Brayden carries his around all the time and his so very proud.  We are all going to miss soccer but look forward to the fall to play again!  Right now though, we are moving on...
Brayden is interested in so many things.  There is not a single sport that he does not love.  We believe that playing sports and being involved with a team is developmental and so important for children, but we hope to never go overboard and always make sure our children have a proper childhood. Growing up at home, not always at practices and traveling in the car is our first priority.  Brayden loved soccer and could not decide what sport he would choose next.  We gave him a few choices, and he prayed about it and asked God what he should do (so proud of that little guy).  I told him to continue to pray about it and wait a few weeks and then he could make his decision.  He did....and he chose baseball!  We are so excited and to begin this new season and look forward to sharing it with you!

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1 Funky Woman said...

Yea Brayden! How cute is he holding his trophy! When my son was his age he slept with his trophy he was so proud!

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