i love days like this.

mornings at the park.

playing and making memories.

loving every second.

breathing in childhood.

and not wanting to miss a moment.

enjoying the sunshine.

watching these babies grow up right before my eyes.

seeing siblings become best friends.

and big brothers being protectors.

getting a surprise glance at a 
submarine pulling into port.

as my children watch

with pure amazement.

oh, how i love these days.

having daddy stop by during lunch.

being here just in time,

to watch the jets practice flying.

these are the days i cherish.

i don't want to take for granted how much God has blessed our lives.  and our time in hawaii.
watching our babies become little children.  in such an amazing place.
i hope to make time every day, to slow down and enjoy the beauty of it.
we are so very blessed.
and i am so very thankful.
every. single. second.


1 Funky Woman said...

What a beautiful day playing in the park. I love Hawaii. I have been there twice and I can still smell it. What cuties you have. Your son looks like a good big brother, very sweet. I bet they loved watching that submarine come in, what a site.

These are beautiful pictures of some beautiful kids.

The Gonzalez Family said...

So cute...what a wonderful day!

Hen Jen said...

a sub, how very cool! Not something many people get to see out in the wild...

you take lovely photos.

Hays Family said...

I love so much that you post so many pictures of the kids. I don't feel like I am missing out on their growing up so much. Naomi has the exact same dress that Lainey is wearing!

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