more nanny love.

we just enjoyed our menchies frozen yogurt.  it was outstanding.  oh, man i love that place.
brayden and lainey could have played for hours on the bike stands.  its always the small things
that they seem to enjoy the most.  the kids were soaking up all the nanny love they could get. 
spending time with together and watching these littles and all their expressions was
the best entertainment we could have asked for.


1 Funky Woman said...

So cute! I love her messy face and not a care in the world. Your mom looks like 1 hip Nanny. She is so cute in her flips. My mother would never have worn flip flops!

Sonora said...

I love it when kids find something unexpected to play with. These pictures are great. I am really impressed. I like the artistry behind the pictures on an angle.
Looks like a great time was had by all!

Hen Jen said...

lovely! I have to say that the 4th photo down is very eye catching, if I knew anything about photography- I'd say something technical about the composition and lines...but I don't, I just know that instinctively, it's a good photo!

lucky you for having a great Nanny!

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