fun in the sun.

hello, beach.  it's been a while.
we've been missing you.
lainey greeted the day with wide eyes and open arms.
 splashing and digging.
 and pigeon chasing.
and water wading.
and having an accidental face plant in the water.
brayden was right there to lend a helping hand.
he really is a great brother.
 he really is a great kid.
he was so proud to be able to go out so far.
 an adventurer is he.
looking forward to many more days
soaking up the sun.
all the while...soaking up the spf.
we sure do love those two beach babes.


Marla said...

Look's like a great day!Beautiful picture's of beautiful children!

Acadia Hughes Photography said...

Awww!!! Wish we could have been there. I am not so much of a beach person anymore, but it would be so worth it to watch all the kids enjoy themselves to the fullest! I wish Charlotte liked the beach. She freaks out if she gets one single grain of sand on her, and on her feet. I love the photos! He truly is a great big brother!

Bitsy Baby Photography said...

ohmy it HAS been a long time since i've had some fun in the sun =( oh how I miss the Island, i will never stop saying that...not until i'm back there!!!!!! Yall enjoy that sun and beach for us K =)

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