eyes widened.  curiosity commenced.  the possibilities of an ocean full of books.  brayden loves books, he devours them.  begs to be read to, often times the same books over and over again.  he memorizes them.  he cannot read yet.  but can read to you word for word Henry Box Brown.  every. single. word.  that thrills me to know end.
i love to see the excitement in his eyes.  i look forward everyday to snuggling with him on the couch or in his bed with a great book.  i look into his eyes and i see a love for books that i hope will never fade. 
 he recently became very interested in knowing who the author and illustrator are.  
just like me he loves eric  carle books.  we checked out Little Cloud and The Very Hungary Caterpillar.
one of his recent favorites from our own library is The Very Quiet Cricket.  seriously, this is a child after my own heart.  this was my book from when i was a child, i adore it and always have.  at the end of the book when the cricket finally chirps, the book make a cricket sound.  this book is nearing twenty years old, and it still makes that sound.  i think that is so neat, he is experiencing that same feeling that i did when i turned to the last page as a child.  i love having that bond with him, simple as it may be.
he devours books.  and the little sis is following suit.  she pulled many a book off the shelves.  i am sure the librarian was thankful to her for that.  she thought is was delightful and amazingly fun, and that's what really matters, right?  i did stack them neatly back on the cart, if that counts for anything?! 
i love the library,  and so do these littles.  to watch tiny fingers being dragged across hundreds of book spines until the perfect one is found and them watching them cart it back to the table or just cozy up on the floor to flip its well worn pages is so sweet.
brayden is so careful with these prized possessions, he makes sure that lainey doesn't hurt the pages
and when she does turn them incorrectly he is quick straighten them out.  i guess i have stressed enough to
him that we must take care of them or we may not get any more, and he took it to heart.
look at that face!  i could just eat it up.  and squeeze those delicious cheeks.
she was so content to sit in that little chair and look at her board book about Easter eggs.
(please ignore the fact that her book is upside down, she didn't seem to mind=)
 any ideas or suggestions for a must-check-out?
what good books are your children begging you to read these days?


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Oh my goodness, your kids are so sweet! You are a great photographer! My kids love to read and go to the library. My son always has to be reminded to whisper, but it usually turns out to be this whisper yell thing.


Bitsy Baby Photography said...

We love the library, Marina runs at top speed through the aisles settling down when she sees a good book area =) Your photography looks awesome, I agree with Erin!! =)

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