camping and other emotions.

No wild animals.  No snakes.  No freezing or hot weather.  Sounds like perfect conditions for camping.  A few weeks ago we ventured out on our very first camping trip.  To me, there is nothing like camping.  I have adored it since childhood.  I love everything about it.  Setting up tents, kids exploring, friends gathering, iron skillets and mostly those blue speckle enamel dishes.  As for this trip, our first of many camping trip...it turned out to be just perfect-- just right.

I long for my children to have lots of adventures and makes memories they will never forget.  Certain things will stand out to them as they grow older.  As the matriarch of my family it's up to me to make it happen.

Things like gathering around in a circle as the sky darkens to listen to grown-ups talk, tell stories and sing songs... I hope they remember.  Snuggling together on the air mattress and falling asleep to waves crashing in the distance.  Exploring through the woods learning to keep up with the little ones.  Little ones with their buckets filling them up with treasures found round every bend.  Roasting marshmallows and smearing their warm goodness along with melted chocolate all over their faces.

Camping was so 'it'.  Just what we needed.  Together with our people.  Being away from it all and just being.  Food to the soul.  Yep, it was.

     (make-shift sled)

The whole experience was symbolic of our life right now.  Building it.  A life that is.  Setting it up, organizing it and living it.  I often forget that our life is one that changes often.  I spend so much time making a home for my children I forget that soon it will be time for a change of stations.  Not quite yet for us, but soon we will say goodbye to our dear friends. (above)

For me, its okay.  But for my precious babies, it just breaks my heart.  These particular friends are our next door neighbors.  The kind of friends you see every single day.  No need to knock before entering kind.:)   Lainey's constant really.  We have been here her whole life.  And Brayden he will say goodbye to his best friend.  This part is what is the hardest.  The fact that this is 'life'.  We have said many so-longs before and will say many more.  And my babies will view it as normal.  

Once again, like family traditions, it's up to me to see to it that the relationships that are built while my children are young are maintained.  It's so very important to me.  Memories.  And preserving them.

Cleaning up the camp site and driving away.  It all represented those farewells.  The real ones that really, really matter.  It was empty.  Just like our neighbors home will be.  And a piece of my heart.

I am so thankful for people that truly matter.  Oh, and Skype too.


sometimes i look like this when i wake up.

crib entertainment.  clothing rearrangement.

sometimes i sleep this way too.
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